When developing GRASS GIS software, you may want to share your development with the community. There are several ways to contribute your code to the standard GRASS GIS releases: just fork the GRASS GIS repository on GitHub and open a "pull request" (see HowToGit).

We strongly recommend you follow the coding style described in SUBMITTING rules. Optionally, for Addons we offer access to the GRASS AddOns-git repository which we grant to trustable people who agree to the GRASS rules of code contributions (see below):

  • Legal aspects of code contributions (RFC2): these rules have to be accepted to gain git write access.
  • Coding standards: Check your code against the rules defined in the document SUBMITTING. This ensures a smooth integration into the standard GRASS GIS code base and avoids portability problems.
  • More details here: How to Contribute.


Testing is highly welcome: of your own or existing code as well as of proposed changes (e.g. open GRASS GIS pull requests)

Static code checking is done at https://scan.coverity.com/projects/grass

Development of Add-ons (extensions)

GRASS GIS Quality Control

The development team invests time and efforts to verify the quality of GRASS GIS by commit peer review, manual, and automatic tests:

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