You are free to use these logos for your purposes. We expect fair use in terms of the GRASS GIS project.

GRASS GIS logograms

Current logogram separated files:

  • color/gray, with/without bg, slogan/just title (PNG),
  • the original SVG file,
  • a vectorized-font SVG file.

Click on the PNG logos for high quality versions:

All in one:

Download this as layered SVG + PNGs: zip package - note:  if you edit the SVG file in e.g. Inkscape you can turn on/off these layers in order to output different png images (e.g. lowercase version, full version with slogan...). Layers in details:

  • "bg" : white background ;
  • "logo" : grass logo ;
  • "logo (greyscale)" : the same in gray ;
  • "GRASS GIS (modified kerning)" : the capitalized name composed in the fonts Fira Sans Medium and Fira Sans Thin weights (package "mozilla-fira-sans-fonts", see font installation), and with optimized kerning ;
  • "Bringing..." the slogan.


Historical logogram (GRASS GIS 1.0 - 6.x)

GRASS GIS Raster logogram images

small logobig logologo with maps from entry screen - PNG from vector logoAnimated GIF (by Ecos Brazil)

GRASS GIS Vector logograms


GRASS GIS Artwork Gallery

GRASS Artwork (presentation backgrounds, banner etc.)



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