The data sets listed below are in GRASS GIS format ("locations") and ready for use with GRASS. Some data sets are also provided in common GIS formats.

North Carolina data set

This dataset is a modern package of geospatial data from North Carolina, USA. It offers raster, vector, LiDAR and satellite data. See the description, list of maps, and a quick usage tutorial.

  • complete NC location:
    • GRASS 7 full data tar.gz | zip (nc_spm, 145MB)
      • GRASS 6 full data tar.gz | zip (nc_spm, 135MB)
    • related Landsat metadata files (image data are included in above package)
  • smaller subset NC location:
    • GRASS 7 data subset tar.gz | zip (nc_basic, 50MB)
      • GRASS 6 data subset tar.gz | zip (nc_basic, 49MB)
    • related Landsat metadata files (image data are included in above package)
  • LiDAR: extra time series: GRASS 6 LiDAR time series (96MB)
  • LiDAR: extra Raleigh LiDAR dataset (note: height in feet):  multi-return LAS  (21MB) | LAZ (6MB)
  • extra time series of MODIS Land Surface Temperature (mapset to unzip in NC location): MODIS time series (2MB)
  • selected maps in common GIS formats (SHAPE, KML, GeoTIFF) including RGB orthophoto
  • projection: NAD83(HARN) / North Carolina, EPSG 3358)

Separate NC climatic data location:

  • GRASS 7 Climatic data time series NC location nc_climate_spm_2000_2012 (zip, 690MB) - related tutorial

World data set

Spearfish data set

This is the classical GRASS GIS data set from the 1980th covering a part of Spearfish, South Dakota, USA, with raster, vector and point data. See the short documentation and soil data documentation (with legend for soils map); you can also look at the history log: Imagery data set: belongs to SPEARFISH, contains aerial and SPOT images, Transformation documentation and usage of imagery modules, data from the 80's (projection: xy):

Piemonte, Italy, data set

Slovakia precipitation data

Slovakia 3D precipitation voxel data set, get more information

  • complete Slovakia 3D precipitation location: GRASS 6 (8.9MB) | GRASS 7 (8.9MB)

Fire simulation data

Fire simulation data set sample data for r.ros, r.spread, and r.spreadpath fire simulation modules. Download demo script: (run within fire simulation data set):

Further external GIS data sets in various formats

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