Download source code if you want to develop your own GRASS extensions or run GRASS on a special computer platform. The source code needs around 410MB of disk space.

  • See here for our roadmap - the release schedule.

[ GRASS GIS: 7.8 stable | 7.6 old stable | 7.9 devel ]

GRASS GIS 7.8 (stable)

New stable release, see New Features78 and GRASS GIS 7.8.3 announcement
(Python 3, Proj 6 and GDAL 3 supported)

Source code:


GRASS GIS 7.6 (old stable)

Old stable release, see New Features76 and GRASS GIS 7.6.1 announcement

Source code:


GRASS GIS 7.9 (development, master)

Unstable and experimental, but very promising (see New Features) and mostly works.

Source code:


Download from GRASS GIS Git repository

The latest GRASS GIS development source code and stable release branch are available from the GRASS GIS GitHub repository (see also downloading GRASS GIS Source code). See there for the various branches:

git clone

Add-ons Source code

The Add-ons source code is available here:

You can get it directly with (requires the git client):

git clone

License of GRASS GIS

GRASS GIS is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL) (see also COPYING statement).

Citing GRASS GIS Software

Please cite GRASS GIS when using the software in your work. See here for some choices depending on the version used.

Old GRASS GIS versions

Detailed GRASS GIS Releases page with links to source code back to the year 1987 etc., or check out the GRASS GIS Legacy code repository:

git clone

Distribute GRASS GIS!

If you are a software distributor (for example packaging Linux distributions) you are welcome to add GRASS GIS to your software collection under terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). We would be glad to receive a note that you distribute GRASS GIS.

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