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The GRASS Story Video

Watch the video (high resolution, USA CERL, 1987) (old MOV format)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory produced this video to explain basic concepts and potential applications of geographic information systems to land managers at Army installations. Although the GRASS GIS is mentioned, the overall presentation of GIS topics is fairly generic. The video present a good, basic introduction to GIS that makes reference to GRASS (GRASS-GIS).

The GRASS Newsletter (2004-2006)

The GRASS Newsletter seeks to bridge the gap between scientific publications and manuals on the one hand and the GRASS mailing lists on the other hand. Articles do not provide the same depth required by scientific journals, but also reach beyond the usual question-answer structure of a mailing list. The benign review process ensures the quality of contributions. Furthermore, the newsletter provides a useful forum to present new modules accompanied by brief explantations.

The GRASS Newsletter has been merged into the new OSGeo Journal - please see below for previous issues of GRASS-News and the OSGeo Journal homepage for new issues of the new OSGeo Journal.

Editorial Board:
Paul Kelly, Markus Neteler and Martin Wegmann
Martin Wegmann
Editor News section/Publication section:
Andrew Davidson
Language Editor:
Andrey Mitas
Web page Administrator:
Dylan Beaudette

We would like to acknowledge the R News editorial board of the R-project, for without their contribution of the R news *.tex and *.sty file the GRASS newsletter would have taken much more time to reach the current level.

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