GRASS GIS development

GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System has been under continuous development since 1982 (!) - read more in About Us.

The strength and success of GRASS GIS relies on the user community. With this in mind, the philosophy of the GRASS Development Team is to encourage users to develop their own unique tools and applications for GRASS GIS. If you develop tools and techniques that you feel would benefit other GRASS users, let us know! We strongly recommend to follow the coding style described in SUBMITTING rules. GRASS GIS is developed and supported by a worldwide developers team. As GRASS is growing, we see plenty of opportunities for you to join the GRASS development team and improve the powerful GRASS GIS under terms of GNU General Public License.

Many people have contributed to the GRASS GIS. Without them, GRASS GIS would not exist in its current form. The authors of the individual programs are listed at the end of the respective manual pages. However, numerous authors of bug fixes and enhancements as well as people who have been working on coordination, integration, documentation and testing are not mentioned therein. Therefore, the credits page is an attempt to acknowledge those who contributed to GRASS development. Please allow us to extend our most cordial thanks to all of you. If you contributed to GRASS at any point during its existence, please let us know your name and e-mail address so we can add your name here.

Developers Mailing List

Please join our mailing list, which will help and coordinate ongoing development in GRASS GIS development. Join the list if you are a programmer and/or want to follow the development discussion. If you have questions concerning compilation of the git-GRASS, please ask here.

Compiling GRASS GIS

See here

Programmer's Manual

See here

Travis Continuous Integration system

Each source code change is checked in real-time with GRASS-GIS/grass-ci

Integrated development tracker

Development planning is all done on the developers' mailing list. The execution of those plans are tracked by GRASS's integrated Trac system.

How you can help

See the list at Get involved!


See the GRASS Development roadmap

Download the latest GRASS GIS software

To follow GRASS development, get the latest code from GitHub server:

GRASS GIS related projects/libraries

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