GRASS Development Team
mundialis GmbH & Co. KG
Kölnstrasse 99
53111 Bonn
Webmaster: grass-web(at)

Feeling happy?

Good - let us know! You may want to send kudos to the developers or the community.

Feeling unhappy?

Let us know! Depending on the problem, please contact the right people:

  • Web site link broken? Write to grass-web. Note, that this is a public mailing list.
  • Odd grammar found? Suggestions for web site updates? Send improved text pieces to grass-web. Note, that this is a public mailing list.
  • No idea how to use GRASS? Subscribe and write to the user mailing list or find a local community.
  • You know how to make things better? Perfect! Read Get involved! and start right away!

The main GRASS server is hosted by the OSGeo Foundation.

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Don't want your message found by search engines?

To avoid that your message appears in search engines, you can add a special email header to your message. See - X-No-Archive for details.

If you want to contact us and not write to above indicated 'weblist', please contact a GRASS developer directly.

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