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There are two ways of downloading GRASS GIS for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later; both 32 and 64 bit):

  • OSGeo4W suite: install GRASS GIS along with other OSGeo packages and libraries such as: QGIS, GDAL, MapServer, uDig, and more. Easy future updating.
    Stand-alone installer package: install GRASS GIS with required support packages.
  • See here for our roadmap - the release schedule.

[ Installer: osgeo4w | stand-alone ]

OSGeo4W package (network installation, easy to maintain)

This installer offers many more choices since it includes the ability to install many other Open Source GIS software packages and libraries such as: QGIS, GDAL, MapServer, OpenEV, uDig, and more.

  1. Download the OSGeo4W 32bit Installer or OSGeo4W 64bit Installer and save it to a folder (800kB network-installer, full download is approx. 60-80MB, find installer help here)
  2. Now run the installer from the saved file as an administrator (use right mouse button on installer icon, otherwise you will get an error "mount: access denied")
  3. Select the software to install (you may install them altogether):
    • Express Desktop Install: go here to install the latest stable release, select the GRASS GIS package from the choices.
    • or choose Advanced Install: go here to install builds of
      • stable 7 version, i.e. choose the grass package (same as Express Desktop Install)
      • daily development 7 version, i.e. choose the grass-daily package

Screenshot: OSGeo4W "Advanced installation" to select GRASS GIS (here: 7.x).
In the subsequent dialog, accept the "unmet dependencies" to be installed.

Note: May be used for unattended or bulk installations (e.g. a template collection for a computer lab)

OSGeo4W: Silent installation on command line

To install GRASS GIS silently (adapt command line to your needs):

osgeo4w-setup-x86_64.exe -q -k -P grass -s ​

Stand-alone Installer

Another easiest way to install GRASS GIS on a single user Windows machine. It includes an option to download and install the sample datasets used in the tutorials as part of the install process.

For a fully functional and working GRASS on Windows, install the standalone package with admin rights (e.g. right click and run as admin).

GRASS GIS 7.8.3 (new stable)

New stable release, see New Features78.

GRASS GIS 7.6.1 (old stable)

Old stable release, see New Features76.

GRASS GIS 7.9 (development, daily builds)

Provided by GeoForAll Lab at the CTU in Prague, Czech Republic

download (32bit) | download (64bit)

Now what?

You will want to check our First time users pages!

GRASS GIS also accessible in QGIS

QGIS is an excellent user-friendly & easy to use GIS data viewer. GRASS' analytical tools allow it to perform many advanced processing tasks from within the QGIS environment. There are two options:

Compile instructions for native winGRASS

Compiling GRASS natively on MS-Windows/MinGW: see Instructions.


  • While generally it is not a problem, GRASS GIS does not cope well (yet) with spaces in directory and file names in all cases. Take this into account when installing GRASS on MS-Windows if you are experiencing problems.
  • When selecting the root install directory, make sure that the "Default Text File Type" is set to Unix.
  • You must install/compile GRASS on a NTFS partition (FAT will not work!).

Software License

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