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The primary point of contact for GRASS GIS user help and development coordination is on the mailing lists. The answers to many questions you may have will probably already have been addressed and will be waiting for you in the mailing list archives.

Because the mailing lists are so critical to the project's success, and support comes entirely from time-strapped volunteers and colleagues, we request some mailing list etiquette to be followed.

Announcements Purpose Archives Archives mirror
GRASS Announcement Mailing list Announcements of the GRASS GIS project (low traffic) Search archive
User support Mailing list Purpose Archives Archives mirror
GRASS Users Mailing list GRASS Users list: The principal GRASS mailing list, for discussion about problems and solutions using GRASS GIS (perhaps one of the oldest mailing lists in Internet...) Search archive
GRASS Statistics mailing List Latest info and development issues of using statistical packages and routines with GRASS Search archive
winGRASS mailing List (please join the GRASS Users list instead) Latest info and development issues on GRASS on MS-Windows (note, most is nowadays discussed on grass-user) Search archive
Translations mailing List GRASS message translations project (i18N) Search archive
Development related Mailing list Purpose Archives Archives mirror
GRASS Developers mailing list GRASS GIS development list: The principal development list (perhaps one of the oldest mailing lists in Internet...) Search archive
GRASS GUI mailing list (please join the GRASS Dev list instead) GRASS Graphical User Interface (GUI) list (note, most is discussed on grass-dev) Search archive
GRASS-PSC mailing list GRASS Project Steering Committee (PSC) list Search archive
GRASS git commit list GRASS git commit list (every source code change is documented for peer review) Search archive
grass-web mailing list GRASS website mailing list: list to manage contact requests (contact address on web pages). Moderated list for anti-spam reasons Search archive


Localized mailing lists Purpose Archive
Chinese translation mailing list List to translate GRASS to Chinese (i18N) Archive
Czecho-Slovak GRASS mailing list GRASS v Čechách, na Moravě a na Slovensku Archive
French GRASS mailing list GRASS en français Archive
German GRASS Mailing-Liste GRASS auf Deutsch (now FOSSGIS-Talk-Liste) Archiv
German language forum Forum zu GRASS GIS in deutscher Sprache (Forum)
Italian GRASS mailing list GRASS in italiano Archivio
Japanese GRASS mailing list GRASS in Japanese language Archive
Polish GRASS forum GRASS in Polish language Archiwum
Spanish GRASS mailing list GRASS en español Archivo

You are kindly invited to run your own localized GRASS mailing list (we recommend Mailman software). Just notify us to get linked on this page.

Problems to post to the GRASS mailing lists?

Forum support URL Archives A community based forum see there
Google+ community A community based forum  
News group support Group name Archives GRASS Users list GRASS Users list  
IRC support Channel Archives
Set your IRC server to one of OPN servers
How to use IRC
channel: #grass (irc://
or simply the Web interface to IRC (select a nickname and the #grass channel)

GRASS Mailing list hints

The new mailing list system "mailman" is very strict with subscriptions to prevent spammers to flood the mailing lists. If you post to a GRASS list and receive a message similar to:

Subject: Your message to grass6 awaits moderator approval

The reason it is being held: Post by non-member to a members-only list

you are using two different senders. Such message won't come through to the list. Be sure that the "From:" setting is matching your subscription.

What about the "reply to" settings:

If you are annoyed that the "reply" to function of your mailtool send mails back to the original sender instead of the GRASS list, you will have to study the manual of your preferred mailing list software how to manage lists. You will search for a "list reply" function.

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